Apple accused of overstating damages in patent case against Samsung

Financial expert claims Apple overstated profit margins earned by Samsung’s mobile products as patent trial drwas to a close

Tensions ran high in the court case between Apple and Samsung in San Jose on Thursday as the case neared its close, with a financial expert saying Apple had overstated Samsung’s profit margins on mobile products, and the judge telling Apple’s lawyer that “unless you’re smoking crack” there was no chance 75 further witnesses could be called before testimony ended.
Witnesses for Samsung testified that Apple should have to pay $422m (£268m) for infringing the South Korean company’s patents in the US with its iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s lawyers disclaimed any use of crack cocaine, but insisted they had figured out that they could get through 20 witnesses on Thursday and Friday to rebut Samsung’s case. More financial details about the famously secretive Apple were revealed on Thursday. The company has paid about $1.4bn in patent royalties to at least 90 companies, according to testimony from BlackBerry financial expert Vince O’Brien.

Other testimony on Thursday focused on how much Apple should pay if the jury finds that Apple violated Samsung’s patents.


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