Sprint: BlackBerry 10 Will not ‘work’ on the World Market

RIM expects greater appreciation of BB enthusiast products, especially in its newest product, the BlackBerry 10. This product development with the ‘revolution’, not ‘evolution’ is made ​​by RIM to survive the onslaught of attacks from the latest IOS trends, Android. Also, last of the beginner class IOS Windows Phone.However, interestingly Sprint had issued a statement, that the OS is embedded in BB10 are not much help RIM to continue to thrive in the world smartphone market. Here’s an excerpt from David Owen, a spokesman for Sprint:

BlackBerry 10 as we see, has some excellent characteristics. And we’re glad to see RIM can take steps so far. Challenge, RIM took all steps, whether storefront, operating systems, manufacturing, and this led to RIM slow in reacting to changes in the market. we think we’ll see RIM returned victorious as two years ago. So, for now we must find out where they will go forward in our Sprint products. ”

Then, what about your responses to the BlackBerry 10?


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