Email on BlackBerry Loss

BlackBerry push email service is reportedly a problem in Indonesia. A number of mobile phone users made ​​by Research In Motion’s complaining about the traffic jam gadgetnya email.

Dean, one of the last claim BlackBerry users receive email on BlackBerry Onyxnya at 12:45 pm. And if you checked on the PC, incoming mail is quite a lot.
“Email is actually a lot that goes, but not appear on the BlackBerry, while the fuel can” he told, Wednesday (08/15/2012).

Kris experienced similar complaints. He was curious to see some of the status of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) of his friends who complained about the supply mampetnya BlackBerrynya email on the device.

So he then joined to try to send email via mobile phone is identical with the qwerty board. “It turned out that after trying not to. Not be sent and received, failed to Mulu. Though full signals and listed 3G,” he said.

Similarly happens in Twitter, as of this writing there are a number of BlackBerry users who mengicaukan the same complaint.

Reports to the editorial desk detikINET say that the problem of delays in the BlackBerry email service is the case of multiple services operator. So not only one operator.

RIM does not give an official confirmation about this issue. However, a similar incident actually happened in the last month of March 2012.

At that time, the BlackBerry push email experience problems since morning and there were also in Singapore and Malaysia. Later revealed, there are problems on the network Research In Motion (RIM).


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