Cooperation Plan, IBM “Flirting” with RIM

Business Machines Corp (IBM), one of the world’s techno giants, it seems quite aggressive in engaging with the RIM, BlackBerry mobile phone manufacturer.

As Bloomberg reported not long ago, IBM made ​​an informal approach to the division that handles RIM email and messaging services to BlackBerry.
Not yet known what the purpose of this cooperation plan, but is strongly suspected to boost the prestige of the name of the company is now beginning to decline.

Originator of the RIM to feature BlackBerry mobile email on the first slide more than a decade ago.

But BlackBerry sales figures are declining as more vigorous competitors are touting the advantages of each.

BlackBerry lovers were abuzz migration to mobile phones made ​​by Apple or Android-based smartphone.

Under the direction of new CEO Thorsten Heins, RIM attract a number of bankers to formulate a strategic move that is expected to boost sales.

These sales tactics also include a plan of collaboration with other techno giants.

However, as reported by the Huffington Post, the RIM has not been willing to give information about the act of “flirting” IBM.


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