Developers Optimistic Future With Blackberry

Research In Motion (RIM) is currently in crisis. Global sales figures around the world are down and the company suffered huge losses. Their latest operating system, Blackberry 10 is touted to save RIM, postponed until next year. Even so, RIM is still trying hard to embrace the developer, one of them by holding a Blackberry 10 hours, including in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The result is, the enthusiasm of developers look at the event. About 350 developers from various regions attended the show that introduced the Blackberry operating system 10. In addition to teaching how to build applications for the Blackberry 10, RIM Blackberry Dev Alpha also distributed to help developers develop applications for Blackberry 10.
I had the opportunity to contact the developer of three people who attended the 10 Hours Blackberry Jakarta. All three, reveals a good impression about the Blackberry 10, both of the presentations they had seen the show 10 Blackberry Jam, and after trying his own Blackberry Blackberry device 10 in which they receive Dev Alpha. They were particularly impressed with BB multitasking system 10 is smooth and no lag. BB display 10 is also much better than the previous operating system.

In addition, Andy Prasetyo Wicaksono, CEO of Kite Mobile, Blackberry revealed that the migration to 10 open up new opportunities for Blackberry application development 10. Developers have many choices to develop good applications using WebWorks, Adobe Air, Android runtime, or develop applications using Cascade or native C / C + +. This openness to attract more developers who are learning to use tools-tools to develop applications for Blackberry 10.

Being delay Opportunity

10 also delay the launch of the Blackberry is actually a boon to developers. The delay means more time for developers to learn more about how to develop applications for Blackberry 10. Ibn Maksum, NuxRadio for Blackberry application developers said the delay was a chance for him to study the development of applications for Blackberry 10 using Cascade technology.

While learning to develop applications for Blackberry 10, Fakhrur Rida, freelancer Blackberry application developers who fondly called Edo, will still be developing applications for the Blackberry operating system available today. According to him, a request for applications from companies and retail is still very high. It seems like these that make the developers still hold to focus on developing Blackberry applications.

I contacted the developer who also claimed to have prepared a plan of the application to be made for the Blackberry 10. At least they will memporting Blackberry applications that have been made at this time, in order to run for Blackberry 10.

They also believe, the presence of 10 Blackberry RIM will be able to raise from the ground at this time. Excess RIM in a secure network, capable of supporting productivity, coupled with good Blackberry operating system 10 are all factors that support that belief. It’s just a matter of time it becomes very important, because if you are late again, RIM potentially could lose momentum and fail.


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