RIM Admits Nearly Use Android to BlackBerry

RIM re-create the shocking confession of its competitors. RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins, ever admit to seriously consider the use of Android. It happened when the company was hesitant to determine the latest operating system for the BlackBerry.

But Heins finally decided to bet using the BlackBerry platform 10 to differentiate themselves from competitors. He is confident because he thinks BlackBerry users have a different mission than Android users. Rated BB users do not have time to eat and enjoy the content holders like Android.“We finally consciously decided not to use Android,” said Heins. “If you can see, other manufacturers are also difficult to distinguish their products from each other (when both use the Android).”

“Fuel is the most interesting of the BlackBerry,” Heins lajut. “No other system out there where you can read, write and check if you have read the message. Difference is that our advantage.”

Heins also admitted it’s been using the BlackBerry claims 10 and satisfactory performance. While in his hands, the device is never reset. Heins stated that this new OS is a change once in 10 years to preserve the future of RIM.


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