Ready To Go denganUSB OTG

Nokia N8 Sadap BBM and Sadap SMS which was first popularized this feature: USB on-the-go (OTG). Put simply, USB OTG allows a smartphoneterhubung with a flash (thumb drive), memory card, HDD, cables or other devices via universal serial bus (USB) .The adapter enables Sadap BBM and Sadap SMS Android devices to be connected with a USB host and device are connected. Indeed smartphonesaat capacity is already very large, reaching innate HDD 16 GB and an external memory of up to 64 GB.Namun, it still features USB OTG will be very useful when urgent and necessary. USB OTG feature can be very useful for those who mobiledan lot of activity on his cell phone.

Not only do Sadap BBM and Sadap SMS productive things, but also those who consume a high content. Imagine if you’re on the road, do not carry a laptop, but there is one important file that must be sent to colleagues. The file is stored on an external HDD that you normally carry. With USB OTG feature, you simply connect smartphoneke HDD and all content can be directly accessed.

Of course this applies also to those who consume much fun can access the contents tinggi. Sadap BBM and Sadap SMS copying files, video, and images that may be sized HDD 500 GB to over 1 TB via smartphonesetiap time. The use of USB OTG is also very mudah.Colok OTG USB cable to the micro-USB on the phone, and live wires connect to the USB OTG USB HDD.

All data in the Sadap BBM and Sadap SMS HDD or thumb driveseketika appears on the display. USB OTG is a separately sold accessory. Some stores sell it in Indonesia with a starting price range to over 100,000 Rp30.000. Shortage of USB OTG This is a move kecepatannya.Untuk fileke PC only takes 2 minutes to 5 minutes in USB OTG.


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