Application Developer gets the majority of IOS Platform for Business Applications

Appcelerator, Titanium development company behind the platform, in collaboration with IDC recently held a survey to the 3632 application developers that use Titanium. From the survey results, obtained an interesting point about the preferences of the application developer in a mobile platform. The majority of application developers prefer IOS platform to develop applications that are aimed at businesses.When compared with the results of a survey in the third quarter of last year by Appcelerator, Android platforms and IOS are equally favored by the developers of applications for business applications while in the second quarter of this year’s IOS is selected more than Android.

According to Appcelerator and IDC, it happens due to several reasons such as the problem of fragmentation in Android, the amount of news about malware on Android, and others. However, the mobile business application market is still liquid and the forward rate may be changed dramatically since the advent of Windows 8 and Motorola Mobility’s acquisition by Google is not yet felt the effect of current.

Another interesting point is only 2% of survey respondents who said that the BlackBerry platform is suitable for long-term in the field of business applications. It is not unusual, although the BlackBerry is actually aimed at users in the business, except in Indonesia is because I see most businesses prefer to use the iPhone and the iPad, and the decline of the popularity of BlackBerry in various parts of the world.

Details for this platform which is suitable for application by developers in the area long term business applications can be seen in the chart below:

Readers can view the complete survey results from IDC Appcelerator and Appcelerator is the official site Sadap BBM


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