Old Age hill Jazz Drummer

Inscribed wooden nameplate Benny Mustafa & Family hung on the front gate house jazz drummer Benny Mustafa van Diest (72). Weathered boards that began the journey of life that accompany the Benny family who lived in Bukit Cinere since 1974.

Entering the gate, spacious shaded grounds stretching two major rambutan trees. A house on stilts on the front page that used to be the center of all activities of the family appeared to be empty and unkempt. Benny chose to invite guests entered into the Dutch-style house.“In the Sadap SMS, this house feels cramped. Now it is too broad because I just live by myself, “said the drummer of the famous since ancient Sapta Eka band era was the late 1960s.

“If there are still many children, yes, do not feel lonely. They used to have a band and play in front of the stage house. Crowded, “said Benny recalls times past.

Benny spent more time at home alone since his wife died and the children grow up. At such time that afternoon, Benny fills the house with running a hobby of painting. Paint the base newspaper, cans, brushes, and ladders lying in the corner of the living room. The process of painting the house was often interrupted because of Benny in trouble with a high ladder.

Division of functions is recognized Benny began chaotic room. Mattresses, for example, is left lying beside the living room chair. “Oom grandson also has big-big. There are eight. All gone, “added Benny the express ourselves as Oom the younger listener.

Drummer without a drum

As a drummer who played a role in introducing jazz great from Indonesia to the international scene, Benny was not leaving space for the drums at his house. The most personal part of his drum set, snare and cymbals like, ever sold a few times when it does not have a job.

Most artists will retain the snare drum that is characteristic drumming. The older a snare drum, according to Benny, his voice even more delicious. Benny snare drum first sold in 1974 and bought back after getting an offer to play drums in Osaka.

In 1998, Benny returned to sell his property and regain snare snare as a gift when playing the drums at seven warriors Jamz, Jakarta, the mid-1990s. Snare that was now no longer have on hand after being asked by a grandson. “Main drum alone is rather strange and Kesel, too. Now easy jamming everywhere, “he added.

Benny longing to be treated with jazz music hobby watching DVDs bought from Mango Market Two. He hunted the collection of American jazz drummer, “Tony” Williams or Jack DeJohnette. In an encounter, they had said to Benny about the ability to play drums, “You have Something That we do not have.”

Archipelago typical drumming

Something possessed only by Benny’s is the uniqueness of the sounds typical of the archipelago, such as gamelan, flute, zither, combined to the sound of drums. Traditional drumming music games coloring Bubi Chen, Maryono, Jopie Chen, and Jack Lesmana the Indonesian All Stars music group formed in 1967.

Benny still remember when he and his colleagues got a standing ovation when playing “Big Brother Old Bird” in

Berlin Jazz Festival. “We play songs, improvised in the middle and then disappeared. Lost in the sense that we play the tunes to match, “recalls Benny.

Similar standing ovation when they performed also harvested in Tokyo with the song rhythm Sunda. “Oom playing rhythm, Maryono crazy blowing the flute. The atmosphere could not have described his own experience. Caucasian know, it’s wonderful. Moment so can not get counted the money. One property that we take off, “he added.

When talking about the drum and jazz, the spirit of a young Benny again flare up. Her eyes sparkled and instantly a fiery speech. He told his adventures to play music in all major cities in the world. The greatest satisfaction of being a musician for Benny is giving comfort to others.

Benny introduction to jazz music began at age 13. Benny interested in soul and jazz music beat the midnight broadcast on Voice of America radio. He then learned to play drums from a drummer from Ambon, Bart Risakotta. Aware of the path can not be rich in jazz, Benny was trying to work on the cruise, but not at home.

Benny then playing as a professional drummer since 1957 and was honored by Bung Karno as one of 17 outstanding young people. Along with Bing Crosby, Ireng Maulana, and Idris Sardi, Benny followed New York’s World Fair in 1964 before touring Europe to Africa.

Extra low

Despite traveling the world, jazz was not reliable as a source of income. If no schedule appears, Benny had to be extra frugal. Lecture at the University of Indonesia first child to take ten years because they have to go vacuum when Benny was offered a show.

Benny was scheming. He also joined the group pop and rock. “The envelope yes of rock and pop groups. If we nikmatin jazz, whatever paid how aja. Jazz baseball can be learned, we must hear and hearts must be touched, “said Benny.

Money collected from the playing of music are used to purchase the land area of ​​1,000 square meters. At first, Benny just build a room measuring 4 feet x 4 feet before it grew to five rooms plus a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a pavilion in the backyard.

This room was first built it had become the youngest child’s room, Ali Mustafa, who was a member of the boyband Coboy the era of the 1990s. Ali’s room is now used as a laundry room clothes.

Despite having a blood descendant of Belgium and many family members living in the Netherlands, Benny claimed to be more comfortable to live in Jakarta. “Oom Oom at the end of life as a musician. Oom want to live in peace and died without pain, “said Benny.


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