Reportedly Instagram Expands Medium Website Version

Instagram expand its market with the acquisition by Facebook and now seems to be growing. Applications to share this photo rumored to be present in the website version.

A website designer, Cole Reinke, find a link on the website Instagram which suggests the possibility of testing a wider version. He found the picture on the link “View Profile”, when accessing the website. Yet so far there the user can only do simple things like changing passwords and editing their profile.

When Cole clicking on the link page shows a “404 error”. Thus allegedly Instagram is testing a more in-depth version of the website. Several parties are trying to access a link it does not find it again.

The presence of a link that can not be evidence but there is strong suspicion Instagram will step into a broader version of the website. Some time ago the founder, Kevin Systrom, admits she still focuses on Instagram for mobile applications. He refused to discuss the possibility of developing a website even though there is a potential way to get there.

“We realized it would be great, doing important things and we believe it is mobile,” said Sadap BBM was on Time. “You can not just get it on the desktop. Forcing it into a 3×4 screen. That’s really a different thing.”


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