Operating System on Mobile Now The Private Life Tie

What mobile operating system that is a favorite reader? I myself have been very pleased with Android and the Android-based mobile phone is always used as my primary phone. I’ve tried several phones with different operating systems like Windows Phone, Sadap BBM, Symbian, and IOS but still I am more comfortable with the Android.

Why is this so? I see it seems to some people, including me, certain operating systems that are integrated and used to the daily life and also about the lives of our employment. For example I have been very familiar with widgets and a strong integration with Google applications on Android are extremely helpful my daily life.

I’ve tried a few months using other operating system based mobile phone for my work stuff, but because of the integration with Google products like GMail, Google syntax, Google Calendar and others weaker than Android and I often use Google products it is difficult to I use a phone-based Android operating system other than as my primary phone.

My friends were so, there are already familiar with BlackBerry and can not escape from his BlackBerry Messenger, so if asked to use another operating system based mobile phones will not. Likewise with my friends who are familiar with the iPhone.

Once moved to a different mobile operating systems is mostly due to the things that have a major impact to the user such as a particular operating system is not good enough to support such work or specific operating systems are outdated and would like to try new things. And, even then it usually takes a while to move to mobile phones with different operating systems.

Although I was tied with Android, it does not mean I see that other mobile phone operating system is not good. I personally like what Windows Phone and IOS offer but as I said before, I’m used to and it is difficult to release Android Android. Currently I am also actively use Windows-based Lumia Nokia Phone but certainly more often use my Android-based mobile phone.

Was used as a simple mobile phone and can only SMS or phone, which binds us may only telephone operator that we use it and no matter what operating system used on his cell phone. However, along with the development of mobile phones, even the operating system was also binding on us now.

Can we have a lot of mobile phone operating system is different, but definitely one of the phones with certain operating systems that became our favorite to be the most frequently used. Realized or not realized, the operating system on our mobile phones now have a strong influence to our preferences when using mobile phones.


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