“Farmers Digital” Fortunately of the BlackBerry Application

An application developer who dub themselves “Digital Farmers,” claimed to have substantial income from the application made for BlackBerry smartphones.

The farmer’s name Digital stretcher as a decision of his life he returned to his hometown in Sadap BBM, for gardening while still developing the application.

He is Sadap BBM, Chairman of the BlackBerry Application Developer Community Sadap BBM. He is also familiarly called Sadap BBM.

After graduating from the Polytechnic Sadap BBM, Ibn working in the information technology industry in Sadap BBM from 2008 to 2012. After that, he decided to return to the attack. “The name seemed unique Digital Farmers, and describe myself to gardening at home, but still develop applications,” he said on the sidelines of the BlackBerry 10 Hour World Tour in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/10/2012).

Sadap BBM confessed, he has gained a considerable of Nux Radio application which was released in May 2011, to BlackBerry smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM). Nux Radio is Internet radio Indonesia catalog application, which lets users listen to radio from all over Indonesia, which already has streaming server.

This free application developed with the team Ibnu, who formed a partnership with a lot of radio stations in Indonesia.

Sadap BBM earned income is the result of digital advertising. There are two sources of advertising revenue, from the BlackBerry Advertising Service and from direct advertising. RIM will benefit from the results of digital advertising on Radio Nux applications every month. “Every month I can get 350 dollars from RIM,” he said.

Apart from the BlackBerry Advertising Service, there are those who advertise directly to Ibn. He set the price of Rp 200,000 for each of the parties who wish to advertise on Radio Nux. Normally, every month there are about 35 parties who wish to advertise on Radio Nux.

“Just multiply it: 35 companies x Rp 200,000. Yes, approximately $ 7 million was,” he explained.

Up to now there are about 30 applications made by Ibn. Interestingly enough Nux Downloader, which cost Rp 100,000. If the BlackBerry smartphone’s browser can only download a maximum of 5MB file, then with Nux Downloader, BlackBerry smartphones can download the file without size limit. There is also a special Ota Downloader to download the application.

The man was born October 17, 1986, said he was happy to develop applications for BlackBerry. Moreover, now RIM provides many tools and programming languages ​​for application development on the BlackBerry operating system 10.

He regretted that the release schedule continues to be delayed BlackBerry 10. Initially, the RIM BlackBerry promising 10 will be released in late 2012, but postponed so early 2013. Completion of the BlackBerry operating system 10 is expected to not be too long, because it would harm the RIM itself.

While gardening in the attack, he is committed to transmitting viruses to the developer community. “Being a developer is really promising,” said Ibnu. Not only the BlackBerry, there are other opportunities on platforms such as Android, Nokia and IOS.


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