After IBM Austraslia, Qantas’s turn now to Pull BlackBerry from Employees

BlackBerry diminishing prestige of making some big companies pull rollicking BlackBerry Smartphone from Smartphone employees and replace them with others.

After IBM Australia which attracted about 500 of its employees Sadap BBM BlackBerry devices and may save more than $ 1.4 million of reimbursement Smartphone for these employees, Qantas is now turn attracts more than 1,300 of its employees BlackBerry devices.

The same reasons given by Qantas. According to its Chief Information Officer, Paul Jones, by pulling the BlackBerry from its employees, Qantas could save millions of dollars each year.

Previously Qantas has also surveyed its employees and it turns out most of Qantas employees would prefer to use the iPhone than the BlackBerry. That is why the company pulled the BlackBerry from its employees and replace it with the iPhone which, according to Qantas management has an easier interface than the BlackBerry.


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