Netflix reaches 1 million UK subscribers

The company, which launched in the UK and Ireland on 9 January, is aiming to take on rivals including SadapBBM.Blogspot.Com-owned LoveFilm and BSkyB. Continue reading


Apple accused of overstating damages in patent case against Samsung

Financial expert claims Apple overstated profit margins earned by Samsung’s mobile products as patent trial drwas to a close

Tensions ran high in the court case between Apple and Samsung in San Jose on Thursday as the case neared its close, with a financial expert saying Apple had overstated Samsung’s profit margins on mobile products, and the judge telling Apple’s lawyer that “unless you’re smoking crack” there was no chance 75 further witnesses could be called before testimony ended. Continue reading

Saving Private RIM

Today, RIM’s situation isn’t nearly as dire as Apple’s was then. Unlike Apple, it doesn’t need a cash transfusion and, in the words of Thorsten Heins, RIM’s new CEO: “If you look at the platform it’s still growing, if you look at the devices we’ve got a single phone that’s sold 45m units.” RIM will pull off an Apple-like rebound and live happily ever after. Continue reading

Sprint: BlackBerry 10 Will not ‘work’ on the World Market

RIM expects greater appreciation of BB enthusiast products, especially in its newest product, the BlackBerry 10. This product development with the ‘revolution’, not ‘evolution’ is made ​​by RIM to survive the onslaught of attacks from the latest IOS trends, Android. Also, last of the beginner class IOS Windows Phone. Continue reading

Secondary segment order was embarrassed

Samsung reinforce their position in the Android smartphone market for the middle segment with a new weapon, the Galaxy Ace 2 product line, Ace Duos Galaxy, and Galaxy W.

RIM’s BlackBerry still leads the output of more than 50% market share smartphonedi Indonesia, then the remaining 50% is dominated by the Android operating system, it appears that Samsung had a big hand in that market. Because according to the GfK survey in March 2012, the market shareSamsung Android smartphone category almost topped 80%. Continue reading